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The Water Within

A Four-Day Underwater Yoga Retreat

Tulum, Mexico

May 3oth - June 4th, 2024

The Water Within

What is between the terrestrial and the cosmic? Time away from nature disconnects us from the primitive. Similarly, time away from contemplation withdraws us from our Divine nature. In this retreat you will learn how to connect with the water within you so that your energy is relaxed and humble enough to connect with the under-water world.


We welcome you to our four-night and five-days underwater yoga retreat in our private and secluded Villa in the National Park of Cabo Pulmo Located in Baja California Sur, México. Our villa is equipped with first-class rooms, breathtaking views, excellent service and genuine hospitality just North of San Jose del Cabo on November 3rd - 7th, 2023.


The Experience

The experience includes theory and practice about the connection between yoga and marine biology. Through a series of yogic postures, breathing exercises and meditations led by Lizbeth & Estrella, this will prepare you to free-water dive to enter the under water animal world. Learning, feeling, perceiving, interacting are all qualities that will help you surrender to the animal world. Additionally, you will also have plenty of time to relax and enjoy the amenities of our beach front private Villa, while basking under the sun and soaking up the coastal beaches of Cabo Pulmo, Mexico. 


The Big Blue Freediver Certification will give you access to dive into the National Park Waters as an under water-yoga-free-diver. Please note that the Water Within Training is required, should you already be certified as a Free Water Diver let us know. Our training relates to the water within and animal interaction which will increase your knowledge even if you are already certified. 


* Pricing for certification is already included in retreat pricing. * Standard Rental equipment will be provided and included in retreat pricing: wetsuits (optional), fins, masks, and snorkel. We encourage you to use the equipment or bring your own due to the body drop in temperature under water (even though its warm during this time). 

What to Expect from the Training?

You will acquire the knowledge in freediving, with easy exercises that you can practice anywhere. You will learn how to train your body, the flexibility from the toes to the fingers, specially working the lungs to increase its inner volume.

You will be thought one of the most efficient ways to clear your ears to go deep into the ocean. You will know how to freedive with a partner, how to take care of each other with the safety rules, getting to know and practicing the techniques for rescue.


Cabo Pulmo National Park is a national marine park on the east coast of Mexico's Baja California Peninsula, spanning the distance between Pulmo Point and Los Frailes Cape, approximately 100 kilometers north of Cabo San Lucas in the Gulf of California.


Cabo Pulmo is one of the most successful national marine parks and arguably offers one of the top locations for diving and snorkeling in the world. It’s also home to the highest point in the Pacific North, offering a vast and diverse species in the coral reefs–providing a beautiful water architecture. You will escape the crowds and find a very mellow scene that can be hard to leave.



Our Private Beach front Villa is 1:30 minutes North of the Airport of San Jose del Cabo Airport (SJD). 

November 3rd - 7th, 2023

Retreat Payment Options



A Shared Roo




A Single Room

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*Option for King Rooms and Double Queen Rooms. Limited spots available to 11 practitioners


Transportation from and Los Cabo's International Airport is included in retreat pricing. Pick up times exclusively for 3:00pm or 7:00PM.

If you plan to drive your-self please let us know ahead of time so we can anticipate your arrival. 

*Click on the below link to access driving directions and road map


Join Lizbeth and Estrella in a Primal Exploration Where Yoga Meets Marine Biology

Retreat Itinerary

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Cancellation policy 

Payments will be taken in full upon reservation.

Due to the limited capacity of the retreat, by September 1st, no full payments will be refunded. 


If you cancel your reservation before August 1st, you receive 50% of your payment (minus the $50.00 processing fee).


If you have any questions or would like to schedule an introductory call, please contact us

Cabo Pulmo Private Beach Villa 

Meet Your Guides

About Lizbeth and Estrella

Yoga brought Lizbeth and Estrella together, the power of authentic connection and good support runs deep in their  backgrounds. They both have Mexican roots and family living in Mexico, a deep sense of awareness of beauty, and a love for animals and water takes a big role in their lives. 

They deeply cherish their similar views and connection, and they believe curiosity happens when we can overcome our fears and let things flow beyond our total control.

We are honored and excited to welcome you to this this experience of a lifetime, a journey deep beneath the surface of the skin.

Within Water,

L & E

Lizbeth_220420-163 2.JPG

About Lizbeth

A sublime-woman being, studying the wisdom and science of Integrative Healing and Yoga’s therapeutic branches. My vital purpose is to be a reliable and ecological conduit for others, guiding our lives and health toward better senses of well-being. My resources identify and make key changes in physical, mental, and inter-personal health. I founded Yogic Methods (YM) in 2019, reflecting several years of training and teaching experience through intersectional disciplines, focal points, and languages (Spanish, English, French, Sanskrit). I honor and appreciate different pulses, and peoples: from community outreach programs serving at-risk groups, bilingual classes, study abroad courses in India, specialized private sessions and workshops, to studio classes, YM has many branches. My simple core is the growth of reliable and meaningful conduits for our health and ecosystem. 


Yoginī, Integrative Mind-body Therapist, Teacher, Mentor, Meditation Guide & Sound Practitioner

M.S., M.A., YACEP, ERYT-500, CIAYT-800 | Bilingüe

Contact information

Lizbeth Vázquez

Instagram: @yogicmethods

About Estrella

Estrella Navarro-Holm is a marine biologist, model, and national record-holding free diver from Mexico. She is the first Latin American woman to win a free diving medal for holding a single breath for more than six minutes. Navarro is from La Paz in Baja California Sur, Mexico. Navarro has won two international freediving medals. She is the first woman from Mexico to win a medal at the AIDA Individual Depth World Championships, the world championships of free diving. She won the bronze medal in the Constant Weight No Fins (CNF) category against 150 other divers


Her father, a swim-coach, taught her to swim at an early age. Navarro began modeling when she was 15 years old and placed sixth in Nuestra Belleza México in 2008. She earned a degree in marine biology, specializing in shark biology and ecology, from the Autonomous University of Baja California Sur.


Contact information

Estrella Navarro


Instagram: @estrellanavarroh

Contact us 

The Water Within

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