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Therapeutic Yoga for Low Back Pain

To better understand the correlation between Yoga and Low Back Pain (LBP), research findings show an increase in LBP, increasingly affecting the adult population in the U.S. Yoga therapy is an emerging field in Western medicine and research, providing a bio-psycho-socio-emotional and spiritual (BPSES) perspective, indicating novel ways for clients to identify, describe, and engage safely with LBP.

A Four-week Virtual Retreat

Yoga therapy (YT) opens new horizons through research findings for LBP particularly influencing this Virtual Retreat. The findings reveal ways in which YT offers clients introspective and existential tools for redescribing, and perhaps more autonomously engaging, our relationship to LBP and our environment.


What You Will Learn

Image by Inge Poelman

Not only is the research on yoga therapy promising for this population but it also shows helpful ways in which individuals can resource a holistic alternative to pharmaceuticals and expensive modern-day therapies.

In this 4-part series retreat, Lizbeth discusses the anatomy and physiology of the spine as as well as spinal curve imbalances.


By the end of this workshop, students will safely learn contraindications for common conditions of the low back, as well as the right poses to assist the lower back’s return to healthy function. Students will thus be equipped when choosing healthy movement patterns while strengthening the muscles that support the spine. While cultivating a relationship with the pelvis, sides and sacrum which are all key players in spinal health. Having anatomical awareness of ones boundaries while experiencing pain, is something that fuels and sustains positive change and avoids future harm. Students will learn yogic methods such as gradual postures, imagery, breathing techniques, and meditation to relief symptoms and create a path for engaging in non-harm in their daily lives.

Who is this Retreat for?

  • You are struggling with back pain.

  • You are interested in a more scientific and therapeutic approach to yoga for pain-reduction, weight loss, and strength gains.

  • You are interested in meditation and the calming benefits of creating a home-based yoga practice.

  • You are bored or frustrated with your current yoga and exercise program.


Helpful to have: 1 yoga mat, 1 bolster, 2 pillows or 2 blocks, 1 blanket, 1 strengthening band and 1 chair.

Retreat Logistics

  • Retreat Dates 

    • Monday - February 28th,

    • Saturday - March 5th, 12th & 19th 

  • Retreat Times 

    • 6:00 PM – 7:30 PM, Pacific Standard Time

My Background

As an individual who suffers from chronic low to moderate back pain, my interest in this topic is both personal and professional. After a spinal diagnosis in 2020, integrating new ways to engage with life while caring for my health has been cathartic. It is my hope to help those who are also struggling with this condition, my training as Graduate Candidate in Yoga Therapy and my years of teaching yoga experience has prepared me to be a model for engaging with LBP.

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