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Sporty beautiful young woman practicing yoga using chair, doing Revolved Chair Pose, Pariv

Programming / Workshops

Creator and Instructor of Professional Development Courses (On-line) and/or in-person. In the past I've facilitated for 30+ Staff members in schools, Administrators, Parents and Students. My main courses highlight, a salutogenic approach to wellness, movement and mindfulness meditation to foster connection and relationships while promoting growth, emotional reparation, self-agency, and anatomical awareness. Drawing from neuroscience, developmental psychology, and interpersonal neurobiology, my approach considers MB therapy.

One of my areas of focus

One of my main focus is on supporting individuals who suffer from mild to moderate grade low back pain (LBP), chronic low-back pain as well as Mindbody Therapy for Arthritis. My approach indicates novel ways to support clients to identify, describe, and engage with these conditions. By learning proper biomechanics and integrating helpful tools to further asses, avoid, and improve these conditions, knowing that not all poses are adequate for these conditions becomes foundational for optimal living.


To schedule a preliminary meeting, discuss workshop and training options 

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