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A Shamanic Soul & Restorative Sound Experience

April 27th, 6 - 9 pm

Beverly Hills

A holographic assembled light organized field that connects each individually to the sacred. This experience is here to aligning greater harmonic coherence through her inner child signature practice called "Angel Hugs."


We will open up the body temple through gentle stretching and breath work to prepare the group for the harmonic and shamanic journey. The customized journey is in real time from Celestial Councils to align the group with greater collective coherence to accompany the guided meditation journey we will integrate the sound bath harmonization.

Singing Bowl

The Healer Within:

May 4th, 4 - 7 pm,

Culver City

The Healer Within Workshop: Dive into a captivating 3-hour workshop that explores the core principles of soul, body, and mind depth work. Led by skilled facilitators, embark on a transformative journey designed to cultivate trust and deepen connection with your inner healer. Ideal for beginners in self-exploration or those wishing to enrich their practice, 'The Healer Within' offers vital insights and methods to complement your psychotherapy or yoga routine, enhancing your path to wellness and self-discovery.

This 3-hour journey will be guided by Lizbeth Yoga Therapist, Janae License Marriage Family Therapist and Sophia License Marriage Family Therapist. 

Meditate at the beach

Transpersonal Breathwork: Holotropic

June 15th, 12 - 7 pm,


The practice, Holotropic Breathwo means “moving toward wholeness” and it is a powerful tool for self-exploration, healing, and growth. It’s founded upon the same principles as established psychedelic-facilitated therapies.


In this 7-hour long guided journey you will be guided with safety, ethics, respect by License Marriage Family Therapist Jana Borrego and Master Medical Yoga Therapist, Lizbeth Vázquez. 


Events & Workshops

Creator and Instructor of Professional Development Courses (On-line) and/or in-person abroad. In the past, I've facilitated for 30+ Staff members in schools, Administrators, Parents, and Students. My main courses highlight a salutogenic approach to wellness, movement, mindfulness meditation, art and social studies to foster connection and relationships while promoting growth, emotional reparation, self-agency, and anatomical awareness. Drawing from linguistics, neuroscience, developmental psychology, sound therapy and interpersonal neurobiology, my approach considers Mind Body Based therapy.


To schedule a preliminary meeting, discuss workshop and training options 

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