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Retreat With Me

A retreat is a quiet... 

Isolated place where we go to rest, restore and often times contemplate in silence and/or in private. A retreat is closely related to the Sanskrit word  āśhram which means hermitage, the abode of the ascetics, hermits and sages.  

In current times, modern practitioners across the globe attend yoga and meditation retreats to reconcile, restore and ultimately find a part of themselves they are seeking... As a student and master yogi, the power of unplugging from the everyday demands of life and the business of the everyday bustle and hustle is important. Attending a retreat and leading a retreat is very different, as time goes on both seem important.

The Experience

The experience can include an array of mindfulness practices: linguistics, culture, art, yoga, meditation, strengthening/conditioning, breath-work, energy and sound healing, nature immersion and connection exercises. 


The Location

Locally in Southern and Northern California. As well as, internationally in Mexico, South Asia,  and Polynesian Islands.

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